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Consulting and Assistance

Our collaborators put their long professional experience at your service to accompany and assist you set up some key tools of modern business management:

Business Plan
The Business Plan is more than just a means of obtaining funds from financial organisations; it is also, and primarily, a tool for your own use in the efficient steering of your company, and a tool for your partners to know you better.
We will accompany you as you write up your business plan, advising you on structure, contents and phrasing.
International Relations
You deal with foreign customers, suppliers or partners; you belong to an international group and you have to interact with people of different nationalities within your company; or more generally, you have to deal with foreigners or foreign companies...
We will train you about the fundamental cultural differences which mean that business can not be carried out in the same way in each country, and we will assist you in your dealings and negociations with foreigners.
Project Management
Beyond the training course, we will assist you from setting up appropriate tools and mastering their use to the full and effective management of concrete projects.
Company Creation
We propose to future entrepreneurs to learn from our experience and expertise, gained by having helped to set up many firms, in France and in Britain. From the initial idea to the first year's operation, including the business plan, the administrative formalities and "creation check-list", we propose to help your idea succeed.